2018 Edition

The Basque Centre for Climate Change (BC3), an internationally recognized research center on climate change, with a multidisciplinary team of high-profile researchers, announces the 2018 edition of the International Spring University (ISU) course on Ecosystem Services Modelling. The 2018 edition, supported by Fundación Novia Salcedo and IHOBE´s Basque Ecodesign Hub, will involve a 1-week intensive training course which will run from the 8th until the 12th of October at Hi! Plaza (Bilbao, Spain).

This course is directed to a new generation of scientists and policy analysts from all over the world who can effectively use coupled human-environmental models in research, policy and management to address and solve sustainability problems. The school is technical in nature and is intended for skilled, active practitioners of the environmental science and modeling.

Course Satisfaction Survey

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Important information for course participants


  • Computer requirements:
    • Do I need to have administrator rights on the computer that I bring to the course? It is better if you bring a computer for which you have administrator rights. However, we understand that your institutions might not allow that so, if this is your situation, you have two options:
      • Bringing another computer (personal computer) that fulfills the requirements stated at our website (see https://springuniversity.bc3research.org/access-requirements/)
      • Attending with your institution computer, but making sure that you have installed with your institution administrator the followings prior to the start of the course:
        • Installed the latest version of Java 8 before coming to the course.
        • Installed either Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome as our web interface does not work with Internet Explorer
    • Is having Windows 10 installed a problem? Not at all.
    • Do I need to have ARCGIS installed in my computer? Not at all. We usually use QuantumGIS in case we need to work with the spatial layers at the school.


Any further FAQs and information will be inserted here, please check this website regularly.

Side Events information

Welcome Txakoli Event – Gathering for the first time!

Date: 7th of October 2018

Time: 18:00- 20:00 (2h)

Meeting Venue: Main entrance of the Teatro Arriaga

Bike Tour Event – Getting a first glimpse of Bilbao and its Evolution

Date: 8th of October 2018

Time: 18:00- 21:00 (3h)

Meeting Venue: Main entrance of the Teatro Arriaga (17:45)


AfriCLP Event – “Climate Change in Africa”

Date: 10th of October 2018

Time: 18:00- 19:00 (1h)

Venue: Plaza de la Cantera 4. Bilbao at the koopsf34 organization venue (red building at the plaza) .


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